About Oakley

This is a record of the restoration of narrowboat Oakley, a large Northwich of the Town class of the Grand Union Canal Carrying Co. Ltd. built in 1936 by Yarwoods in Northwich. Her fleet number was 159, she was registered at Rickmansworth number 98 and her gauging number was 12631. She originally had a Russel Newbury DM2 engine. She was originally paired with butty Oxted. She was absorbed into the British Waterways fleet in 1948. If you have any information regarding the history of Oakley then please contact me.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here' some photos of the launch, still struggling with my computer.


Keith & Jo said...

Hi Steve the launch looked great and it all went smoothly. Now comes the fun bit the fitting out hahaha.
Have fun with her she looks fabulous.
Jo & Keith

Del & Al said...


The boat looks fantastic in the water, all that hard work is coming good. now it's time to make her a home.


Ade said...

Hi Steve,
What a fantastic blog of the rebuild, shame it ended there so miss the end result. Looking at the work you did on Hadar your results at Rogers yard are top top class. So no doubt she is mighty fine.
Cheers for sharing.